AAT Certification With A Progression To Navitas SAE

Take your interest in audio, music and sound to the next level and gain the technical expertise that will enable you to produce high-quality audio solutions. With this course, the Students gain skills in the use of machinery and equipment required to record, mix, and reproduce sound with the aim of becoming proficient with various types of recording media, including digital multitrack recorders and workstations, mechanical (analog) tape, and computer knowledge. With 4 months dedicated solely to portfolio development, this course is fully designed to make the student industry proficient. This course is equivalent to the 1st year of SAE International, allowing the students to continue further education in any SAE world over, making the course even more flexible.

Subject Name
Module 1 Introduction To Studio Studies
Module 2 Studio Equipment
Module 3 Musicianship & Theory Studies
Module 4 Digital Technology
Module 5 MIDI, Sampling, Synthesis
Module 6 Digital Recording
Module 7 Acoustics
Module 8 Advanced Studio Studies
Final Portfolio Project