Certificate in Electronic Music Production - 6 Months

This course will also be able to equip you with the essential knowledge to competently record, produce, arrange, mix and perform a variety of music. Industry standard digital audio workstation such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase and Reason are also taught. The music production aspect of this course covers all aspects of using software, and allows you to develop your own musical style, culminating in a live performance of your work. The course is taught using hands-on workshops and individual practical time. The course also has the objective of teaching the practical use of music technology, with MIDI programming, digital samplers and digital synthesizers as well as hard disc based recording within the creative stream of music production.

Subject Name
Module 1 Introduction To Studio Studies
Module 2 Studio Equipment
Module 3 Musicianship & Theory Studies
Module 4 Digital Technology
Module 5 MIDI, Sampling, Synthesis
Module 6 Advanced - MIDI, Sampling and Synthesis
Module 7 DAWs
Module 8 Advanced Music Production
Module 9 Remixing and Live Performance using Electronics
Module 10 Processing, Mixing and Mastering Techniques