B.Sc in Film and Television Production - 3 Years

Filmmaking (or in an academic context, film production) is the process of making a film. Filmmaking involves a number of discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, Cinematography, sound recording and reproduction, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience that may result in a film release and exhibition. Filmmaking takes place in many places around the world in a range of economic, social, and political contexts, and using a variety of technologies and cinematic techniques. Typically, it involves a large number of people, and can take from a few months to several years to complete. In this three year degree programme students will learn to produce films and develop your creative and technical filmmaking skills in drama, animation and documentary film production. Your theoretical studies will inform your practice and our experienced tutors will guide you in a range of aspects, including directing, producing, cinematography, screenwriting, production design, editing and post-production, sound recording, and directing for animation.

Subject Name
Language - I
English - I
Core I - Creative Arts Research Skills
Core II - Writing for Media
Allied Paper I - Introduction to Film and Film History
Allied Practical I - Photography and Digital Imaging
Environmental Science
Subject Name
Language - II
English - II
Core III - Film Theory
Core Practical - Elements of Cinematography and Visual Arts Design
Allied Paper II - Understanding Cinema and Film production
Value Education - Human Rights
Subject Name
Language - III
English - III
Core IV - Script and Storyboard for Short Film, Documentary and Music Video
Core Practical II - Mise-en-scene and Social Campaign Film
Skill Based Subjects I - Computers In Communication Media I: Basic Animation, TV Titling
Non- Major Elective I - Women’s Right
Subject Name
Language - IV
English - IV
Core VI - Elements of Television Production
Core VII - Acting Basis and Working with Actors, Costume, Make-Up (Workshop Based)
Core Practical IV - Marketing, Social Media, Distribution and Publicity for Film and Television
Allied Paper IV - Marketing, Social Media, Distribution and Publicity for Film and Television
Skill Based Subjects II - Computers in Communication Media II: Animation and VFX
Non-Major Elective II - General Awareness
Subject Name
Core VII - Media Ethics, Law and Culture
Core VIII - Writing Scripts for Documentary/Short Film
Core IX - Research and Documentary Theory
Core X - Social Psychology
Elective I - You can select any one
A-Creative Lightning Technique
B- Directorial Practices
C-Role of an Editor
Skill Based Subjects III - Working with Sound Studios, Dubbing, On Location and Re-recording (Workshop Based)
Subject Name
Core XI - Advanced Understanding of Cinema by Genre
Core XII - Film Production Management
Core Practical V - Communication and Marketing: Indian and International Cinema Market
Elective II - You can select any one
A - Creative Camera Works
B - Study of a Film Maker
C - Advanced Editing
Elective III - You can select any one
A - Creative Component of visual Design
B - DI
C - Independent Film Making
Skill Based Subjects IV - Employability skills in Media and India Film Industry/ Association
Professional Portfolio - Short Film/ Documentary Film