B.Sc in Audio and Music Production - 3 Years

Are you fascinated by the mechanics of recording, mixing and reproducing sound, whether it be for films, music or video games? If so then a promising career in the field of Audio Technology awaits you. AAT’s BSc Audio degree is structured to provide a high level of technical expertise, operational skills in a variety of audio production environments, and a practical knowledge of the media industries’ working practices over a three year duration. Students study the underlying audio signal chain, and across a wide variety of platforms where students are expected to actually produce music, record a band, design sound scape for a film, plan acoustics for a studio, etc. The course is continually revised to keep up with industry developments and also draws on the experience and input of industry professionals working at the cutting edge.

Subject Name
Language - I
English - I
Core I - Creative Arts Research Skills
Core II - Studio Fundamental and Computer Application in Music Technology
Allied Practical I - Decibels and Ear Training
Environmental Science
Subject Name
Language - II
English - II
Core III - Musicmanship and Theory Studies
Core Practical I - Studio Tracking I (Session Recording- Analog) Theory and Practical
Allied Paper II - Digital Audio Workstations and MIDI -Theory
Value Education - Human Rights
Subject Name
Language - III
English - III
Core IV - Preparation, Process and Production in Creative Arts(Project Submission)
Core V - Studio Tracking II (Session Recoding: Digital)- Theory and Practical
Core Practical II - DAW/MIDI
Skill Based Subjects I - Computers in Communication Media - I
Non- Major Elective I - Women’s Right
Subject Name
Language - IV
English - IV
Core VI - Acoustics and 3D Sound (Project Submission)
Core VII - Marketing and Promotion and Social Media in Music Industry
Allied Paper IV - Advanced MIDI-Theory and Practical
Skill Based Subjects II - Audio Post Production with Computers
Non- Major Elective II - General Awareness
Subject Name
Core VII - Music Technology in Context (Project Submission)
Core VIII - Mixing and Mastering (Theory and Practical)
Core IX - Vocal Production
Core Practical III - Making of Music Video
Elective I - You can select any one
A - Basic Music Production and Arrangement Technique
B - Interactive Audio Introduction
C - On Location Recording and Sound Editing for Film
Skill Based Subjects III - Production of Advertisement Jingles for Radio, Online, ringtone for mobiles, presentation and promotion of the concepts (Theory and Practical)
Subject Name
Core X - Advanced Audio Post Production
Core XI - Live Sound for small venues including Acoustic (Theory and Practical)
Core XII - Employability Skills (Theory)
Core Practical IV - Short Film/Documentary Film
Elective II - You can select any one
A - Advanced Music Production and Arrangement Technique
B - Sound for Video Games
C - Film Re-Recording and Mixing
Skill Based Subjects IV - Music Production and Arrangement