Learning is Fun

Our learning ambience is dedicated to improve learning parameters whilst bolstering creativity. Trainers encourage learners to stay competitive amidst their peers and offer a conducive atmosphere to discuss innovative and creative thought processes. We strive to make the learning process more exciting and challenging.

AAT offers the aspiring Filmmaker the opportunity to study the traditions, technology, theory and practice of Digital film production techniques and storytelling. Students will direct as a group and individually music videos and short films/documentaries. A mix of writing skills being taught with techniques of handling cameras and working with artistes form a unique experience of this program. Students will also have the opportunity to experience workshops with costume and makeup artistes and listen to reputed personalities from the field on their experience. The Digital Film making program is a comprehensive hand on one designed to prepare students for the Motion picture, advertisement, TV and allied industries. Through traditional classroom learning and innovative practical learning students produce a variety of genres - advertisement films, music video and documentaries. Students get personalized attention, maximum experience and work in teams on production. These core areas form the crux of the course: Writing, Producing/Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Audio and Video editing. Audio Engineering and Music production

This branch of Engineering is an intricate blend of science and creativity. It involves technical aspects of equipment set-up, knowledge of acoustics and operation, but also requires a creative side to enhance and blend the sounds to produce the desired effects.

Referred to as sound engineers, these professionals are highly sought after in all areas of the entertainment industry. Musicians depend on audio engineers in the studio and in live performances to polish their sound and to keep it consistent throughout each recording or performance. Audio engineers mix music and also enhance the balance to ensure a great output. In Radio, TV and movies, audio engineers are responsible for all different Sound effects, music, and also in the Games and Video productions. FM and Radio depends on sound engineers to keep their stations operating with quality broadcast and uninterrupted relay. Other careers include Sound for Games, Sound for SFX/VFX, Sound for websites, Value added services etc

For those interested in pursuing a career in the audio engineering field, AAT offers diploma and full fledged degree courses. With recognition from Industry, Academia and the likes, the course looks at specialization at different levels.