Campus Glance

The Mumbai campus has a wide range of academic resources, student support services and facilities to offer. An environment that can calm you and steer energy while enjoying the company of nature and friends is sought at AAT.

Audio Studios

We intend to give best studio experience with our in-house studios. The studios have Analog, Digital, MIDI, 5.1, Mastering room & Vocal booth. It is well equipped for our students to learn better and apply it in their real life projects after their course.

Edit Suite & Shoot Floor

Our filmmaking students have an advantage of having an access to our editing suite and shoot floor. This helps them to accentuate their various film projects.

Animation Lab

This lab helps the students to know the world of animation and inculcate the element in their projects. Animation widens the horizon for the filmmaking student to actually bring their imagination alive.


Our students will get an access to industry’s best media related books in our library. This will help them learn traditional, theoretical ways which they can apply in a different manner to invent and freshness to future projects.


The classrooms are air-conditioned and maintained with best seating arrangements, where the student – teacher interaction won’t be disturbed. The ambience in the classrooms is always positive and upbeat for better understanding and learning.