University Diploma in Audio and Music Production

This particular course provides you with focused knowledge and understanding needed to qualify for entry-level industry positions as assistant managers, music recording engineers, post-production audio engineers. It bestows on you the skills required to get those hands on controls and deliver feelings through your music. This curriculum covers the many different procedures, formats and applications found in the recording arts world.

Subject Name
Module 1 Introduction To Studio Studies
Module 2 Studio Equipment
Module 3 Musicianship & Theory Studies
Module 4 Digital Technology
Module 5 MIDI, Sampling, Synthesis
Module 6 Digital Recording
Module 7 Acoustics
Module 8 Advanced Studio Studies

Specialization-Electronic Music Production
Module 9 Advanced - MIDI, Sampling and Synthesis
Module 10 DAWs
Module 11 Advanced Music Production
Module 12 Remixing and Live Performance using Electronics
Module 13 Processing, Mixing and Mastering Techniques