B.Sc in Visual Communication - 3 Years

Visual communication studies involve convergence of art , writing, visuals and portraying the same for different fields in media as in advertisement , journalism , short films , web management and social media management.
Aimed at providing language and writing skill sets combined with media production knowledge visual communications opens a learner to the vast field of electronic media Subjects as diverse as writing for different media, social and cultural studies, women's rights, media production , marketing and social media marketing forum the core of this course at AAT

Subject Name
Language - I
English - I
Core I - Introduction to Communication
Core II - Communication Media
Allied Paper I - Introduction to Social Psychology
Allied Practical I - Drawing
Environmental Science
Subject Name
Language - II
English - II
Core III - Advertising
Core Practical I - Elements of Cinematography and Visual Arts Design
Allied Paper II - Writing
Value Education - Human Rights
Subject Name
Language - III
English - III
Core IV - Communication Thories
Core IV - Writing for Media
Allied Paper III - Audiography
Allied Practical II - Aduio Production
Skilled Based Subject I - Computers in Communication Media - I
Non- Major Elective I - Women’s Right
Subject Name
Language - IV
English - IV
Core VI -Aduio Visual Communication (Photo Journalism)
Core Practical III - Photography
Allied Paper IV - Instructional Design
Skill Based Subjects II - Computers in Communication Media - II
Non-Major Elective II - General Awareness
Subject Name
Core VII - Film Studies
Core VIII - Meida Ethics
Core IX - Magazine Production layout & Designs
Core Practical III - Print Production
Core X: Social Psychology
Elective I: You can select any one
A - Elements of Film Video
B - Screen Play
C - Film Making & Distribution
Skill Based Subjects III - Web Designing
Subject Name
Core X - Commercail Broadcasting
Core XI - Integrated Marketing Communication
Core Practical IV - Video Production
Elective II: You can select any one
A - Advertising
B - Media Planning
C - Market Survey
Elective III: You can select any one
A - Graphic Production
B - Event Managament
C- Introdution to Design & Visual
Skill Based Subjects IV: Employability skills in Media and India Film Industry/ Association
Professional Portfolio: Short Film/ Documentary Film