B.Sc in Film and Television Production

This course is aimed at aspiring filmmakers. The Bachelor program provides a holistic understanding to the filmmaking process and digital technologies. It will help you plan production, write scripts, storyboards, shoot on a variety of cameras. Along with casting calls, work on actor’s make-up, and create special effects to enhance films. This course will make you a competent film maker; specializing in areas of directing, producing, editing, camera or sound.

Subject Name
Language I
English I
Core I Creative Arts Research Skills
Core II: Writing for Media
Allied Practical: Introduction to Film and Film History
Allied Practical I Photography and Digital Imaging
Environmental Science
Subject Name
Language II
English II
Core III: Film Theory
Core Practical- Elements of Core Practical- Elements of Cinematography and Visual Arts Design
Allied Paper II: Understanding Cinema and Film production
Value Education: Human Rights
Subject Name
Language III
English III
Core IV: Script and Storyboard for Short Film, Documentary and Music Video
Skill Based Subjects I: Computers In Communication Media I: Basic Animation, TV Titling
Non- Major Elective- I: Women’s Right
Subject Name
Language IV
English IV
Core IV: Elements of Television Production
Core Practical IV: Marketing, Social Media, Distribution and Publicity for Film and Television
Allied Paper IV: Marketing, Social Media, Distribution and Publicity for Film and Television
Skill Based Subjects II: Computers in Communication Media II: Animation and VFX
Non- Major Elective II General Awareness
Subject Name
Core VII: Media Ethics, Law and Culture
Core VIII: Writing Scripts for Documentary/Short Film
Core X: Social Psychology
Elective I: You can select any one
Elective I: You can select any one
A-Creative Lightning Technique
B- Directorial Practices
C-Role of an Editor
Skill Based Subjects III: Production of Advertisement Jingles for Radio, Online, ringtone for mobiles, presentation and promotion of the concepts (Theory and Practical)
Subject Name
Core XI: Advanced Understanding of Cinema by Genre
Core XII: Film Production Management
Core Practical V: Communication and Marketing: Indian and International Cinema Market
Elective II: You can select any one
A- Creative Camera Works
B- Study of a Film Maker
C- Advanced Editing
Skill Based Subjects IV: Employability skills in Media and India Film Industry/ Association
Professional Portfolio: Short Film/ Documentary Film