B.Sc in Audio and Music Production

This particular course provides you with focused knowledge and understanding needed to qualify for entry-level industry positions as assistant managers, music recording engineers, post-production audio engineers. It bestows on you the skills required to get those hands on controls and deliver feelings through your music. This curriculum covers the many different procedures, formats and applications found in the recording arts world.

Subject Name
Language I
English I
Core I: Creative Arts Research Skills
Core II: Studio Fundamental and Computer Application in Music Technology
Allied Practical I: Decibels and Ear Training
Environmental Science
Subject Name
Language II
English II
Core III: Musicmanship and Theory Studies
Core Practical I: Studio Tracking I (Session Recording- Analog) Theory and Practical
Allied Paper II: Digital Audio Workstations and MIDI: Theory
Value Education: Human Rights
Subject Name
Language III
English III
Core IV: Preparation, Process and Production in Creative Arts(Project Submission)
Core V: Studio Tracking II (Session Recoding: Digital)- Theory and Practical
Core Practical II: DAW/MIDI
Skill Based Subjects I: Computers in Communication Media I
Non- Major Elective I Women’s Right
Subject Name
Language IV
English IV
Core VI: Acoustics and 3D Sound (Project Submission)
Core VII: Marketing and Promotion and Social Media in Music Industry
Allied Paper IV: Advanced MIDI-Theory and Practical
Skill Based Subjects II: Audio Post Production with Computers
Non- Major Elective II: General Awareness
Subject Name
Core VII: Music Technology in Context (Project Submission)
Core VIII: Mixing and Mastering (Theory and Practical)
Core IX: Vocal Production
Core Practical III: Making of Music Video
Elective I: You can select any one
A-Basic Music Production and Arrangement Technique
B-Interactive Audio Introduction
C- On- Location Recording and Sound Editing for Film
Skill Based Subjects III: Production of Advertisement Jingles for Radio, Online, ringtone for mobiles, presentation and promotion of the concepts (Theory and Practical)
Subject Name
Core X: Advanced Audio Post Production
Core XI: Live Sound for small venues including Acoustic (Theory and Practical)
Core XII: Employability Skills (Theory)
Core Practical IV: Short Film/Documentary Film
Elective II: You can select any one
A- Advanced Music Production and Arrangement Technique
B- Sound for Video Games
C- Film Re-Recording and Mixing
Skill Based Subjects IV: Music Production and Arrangement